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Brooke Taylor-Windham

Brooke Taylor-Windham is one of the supporting characters in Legally Blonde.

Brooke is also the widow of Hayworth Wyndem and the step-mother of Chutney Windham.


Brooke is a famous fitness instructor accused of murdering her 60-year-old husband Hayworth Windham. Defending her in criminal court is Dr. Callahan, Esq and his junior attorney, Emmet Richmond. Elle Woods, Vivian Kensington and Warner Huntington III are also present in the courtroom as part of Callahan's internship program.

Brooke was once Elle's fitness instructor and a member of her sorority, Delta Nu. Elle believes that Brooke is innocent, but Brooke's step-daughter, Chutney and the household cabana boy, Enrique Salvatore, say she is guilty and that they saw Brooke standing over Windham's dead body, covered in his blood. Brooke testifies that she loved her husband and only found him after he had been shot to death.

Brooke refuses to provide Callahan an alibi, but when Elle visits her in jail, Brooke admits that she had liposuction on the day of the murder. Public knowledge of this fact would ruin Brooke's reputation as a fitness instructor, so Elle agrees to keep it secret and refuses to reveal the alibi to Callahan, citing attorney-client privilege.

The case against Brooke begins to weaken when Elle deduces that the cabana boy is gay after he correctly identifies Elle's shoe style as Prada, because, as she says, "straight men don't know designers". Callahan brushes off Elle's opinion, but during the cross-examination, Emmett tricks Enrique Salvatore into identifying his boyfriend in court, proving that his testimony about having an love affair with Brooke was a lie.

After court is adjourned for the day, Callahan invites Elle into his office, where he sexually harasses her, touching her without her consent and making suggestive comments. Vivian only sees the touching, and misinterprets this interaction as Elle trying to advance her career by sleeping with Callahan. In her anger, however, she doesn't notice Elle's clearly visible body language and discomfort. After Elle storms out of Callahan's office, deciding to quit law school altogether rather than report the harassment for fear of not being believed, and afraid of the power Callahan has over her future, Vivian confronts Elle in an elevator and calls her out.

The next day, Emmett explains Elle's encounter with Callahan to Vivian and Brooke. Brooke is enraged and Vivian realizes her mistake. Before the trial continues, Brooke fires Callahan and hires Elle as her new attorney with Emmett supervising.

Elle begins shakily while cross-examining Chutney, who testifies that she was home during her father's murder, but didn't hear the gunshot because she was in the shower washing her hair at the time (after having gotten a perm earlier that day). She subsequently found Brooke leaning over Windham's body, but admitted Brooke wasn't armed at the time, having presumably stashed the murder weapon. Elle asks Chutney to reconfirm her story, then asks why Chutney, who admitted to having at least 30 perms before, would wash her hair immediately after getting a perm, since she would be well-informed of the rule that one mustn't wet hair within the first 24 hours for it would have deactivated the ammonium thyglocolate. Given that Chutney's curls were still intact in the courtroom, she couldn't have been in the shower, and had to have heard the gunshot, and found Brooke with a gun in her hand for her story to be plausible.

Exposed, Chutney reveals that she shot her father, but thought it was Brooke walking through the door. She was angry with her father for marrying someone; who is the same age as she and hated Brooke for marrying her father. After this outburst, the judge has the bailiff take her into custody where she would then be charged with Murder of Hayworth Windham.

Brooke was exonerated and gratefully hugged Elle, they're later seen together outside the courtroom with the press.


Brooke Taylor-Windham is a multifaceted character whose personality is characterized by a combination of confidence, determination, and a hint of mystery. As a successful fitness guru, she exudes an air of glamour and poise, commanding attention whenever she enters a room. Her poised demeanor is not just a facade; it's a reflection of her inner strength and resilience.

Despite facing legal troubles and the scrutiny of the public eye, Brooke maintains her composure and refuses to let the situation break her spirit. Her confidence shines through even in the most challenging moments, serving as an inspiration to those around her. Behind her glamorous exterior lies a woman who is fiercely independent and unafraid to fight for what she believes in.

Throughout the narrative of "Legally Blonde," Brooke's personality is gradually revealed, showcasing her determination to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious. She embodies the idea that success is not just about talent or luck but also about perseverance and resilience. Despite the setbacks she encounters, Brooke remains steadfast in her pursuit of justice, never wavering in her resolve.

In essence, Brooke Taylor Windham is more than just a fitness guru facing legal troubles; she's a symbol of strength, empowerment, and the indomitable human spirit. Her personality resonates with audiences, inspiring them to believe in themselves and never give up, no matter what challenges they may face.


In "Legally Blonde," Brooke Taylor Windham's appearance is described as the epitome of sophistication and glamour. She embodies the essence of a modern-day fitness icon, with a statuesque figure that exudes strength and vitality. Brooke's physical presence commands attention, whether she's striding confidently into a room or leading one of her high-energy workout sessions.

With her flawless complexion and impeccable grooming, Brooke radiates an aura of effortless elegance. Her sleek, perfectly styled hair cascades in glossy waves, framing her chiseled features and accentuating her piercing eyes. Every detail of her appearance, from her manicured nails to her meticulously coordinated outfits, reflects a commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Brooke's wardrobe is a testament to her refined taste and discerning eye for fashion. Whether she's donning a chic workout ensemble or an elegant evening gown, she effortlessly pulls off each look with grace and confidence. Her wardrobe seamlessly transitions from the gym to the courtroom, showcasing her versatility and adaptability in any situation.

Despite her impeccable appearance, there's a subtle hint of vulnerability beneath Brooke's polished exterior. Behind the designer sunglasses and designer labels lies a woman grappling with the complexities of life and the challenges that come with it. It's this juxtaposition of strength and vulnerability that makes Brooke Taylor Windham a truly compelling character, one whose appearance is just one facet of her multifaceted personality.