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Enrique Salvatore is a Spanish pool-boy who worked for Brooke Taylor-Windham in the time leading up to Hayworth Windham's murder. Enrique co-conspired with Hayworth'a murderer, Hayworth's own daughter and Brooks's stepdaughter Chutney Windham, to frame Brooke, presumably in exchange for being paid by Chutney. Enrique is homosexual and has a boyfriend named Chuck.

When Brooke was framed for the crime and put on trial, Enrique was bribed by Brooke's stepdaughter and Hayworth's true murderer, Chutney Windham, to help frame Brooke and lie about having been in a sexual relationship with Brooke despite the fact that he is gay with zero hetero tendencies.


In the stage musical adaptation of Legally Blonde, Enrique Salvatore's character is renamed Nikos Argitakos, presumably for his first name to rhyme with his boyfriend's rename, Carlos. His role and appearance is almost wholly unchanged, the only difference being how Elle realizes he is likely gay. In the film, this happens when Elle is waiting impatiently to use the drinking fountain at the court house behind Enrique, impatiently tapping her foot on the ground loudly, prompting Enrique to souringly ask her to "not stomp your last-season Prada shoes at me." Elle points out that the average straight man would not know the names of fashion designers, like Prada. However in the musical, Elle realizes the fact he is likely gay when she does the bend and snap in front of Enrique, here called Nikos, multiple times in the court house before the second court session of the first day of the trial without him reacting, and as Elle points out the dance move will catch the attention of 99% of straight men.