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Legally Blonde 2001 film


Legally Blonde is a 2001 comedy film.



In her senior year as a Southern California college student, girlish sorority president Elle Woods majors in fashion merchandising and is seriously in love with her boyfriend, Warner Huntington III, who will attend Harvard Law School the following year. She excitedly expects him to ask her to marry him but instead, he breaks up with her. He felt as if she was not a serious person, which later on you find out he's the asshole.

Desperate to win Warner back, Elle studies for and passes the law-school entrance exam, applies to Harvard, and is accepted. Upon arriving at Harvard, her classmates disapprove of her because of her naivete, and she discovers that Warner is engaged to another student, Vivian Kensington. The only friend Elle makes is Paulette, a divorced manicurist. Elle later helps Paulette gain custody of her dog back from her ex-husband as well as seduce the delivery man on whom she has a crush.

After Vivian tricks Elle into attending a party in a Playboy Bunny costume, she has a discussion with Warner and finally realizes he will never respect her. Now determined to succeed on her own, Elle studies hard and wins an internship with Professor Callahan, as do Warner and Vivian. They work with Callahan and an associate, attorney Emmett Richmond, to defend Brooke Taylor-Windham, a famous fitness instructor accused of murdering her much older billionaire husband, Hayworth Windham. Brooke was once Elle's fitness instructor and a member of her sorority. Elle believes Brooke is innocent, but Brooke’s stepdaughter, Chutney, and the household cabana boy say she is guilty, and that they saw Brooke standing over Windham's dead body, covered in his blood, while Brooke testifies that she loved her husband and only found him after he had been shot to death.

Brooke refuses to provide Callahan an alibi, but when Elle visits her in prison, Brooke admits that she had liposuction on the day of the murder. Public knowledge of this fact would ruin Brooke's reputation as a fitness instructor, so Elle agrees to keep it secret and refuses to reveal the alibi to Callahan. Impressed by her integrity, Vivian starts to befriend Elle, also admitting that Warner was put on Harvard's wait-list and only got in because his father pulled some strings.

The case against Brooke begins to weaken when Elle deduces that the cabana boy is gay after he correctly identifies her shoe style. During the cross-examination, Emmett tricks him into identifying his boyfriend in court, proving that his testimony about having an affair with Brooke was a lie.

Impressed by her performance, Callahan discusses Elle's future with her and then makes sexual advances on her, which she immediately rejects. Overhearing part of the conversation, Vivian is frustrated with Elle using her sexuality to gain her internship. Elle, also thinking that Callahan only chose her for sexual reasons, decides to leave law school. While saying her goodbyes to Paulette, Professor Stromwell, who once removed Elle from her class for being unprepared, gives her the confidence to continue. Meanwhile, Emmett explains Elle encounter with Callahan to Vivian and Brooke. Brooke is enraged by that and Vivian realizes her mistake. Before the trial continues, Brooke fires Callahan and hires Elle as her new attorney with Emmett supervising.

Elle begins by shakily cross-examining Chutney, who testifies that she was home during her father's murder, but did not hear the gunshot because she was in the shower washing her hair after getting it permed earlier that day. Elle gets Chutney to reconfirm her story, then reveals that washing permed hair within the first 24 hours would have deactivated the ammonium thioglycolate, and points out that Chutney's curls are still intact. Exposed, Chutney admits to accidentally killing Hayworth because she thought he was Brooke whom she hated for marrying her father because she was Chutney's age. Brooke is then exonerated, and Chutney is arrested. After the trial, Warner tries to reconcile with Elle, but she rejects him, explaining that she needs a boyfriend who is less of a "bonehead" in her new career.

Two years later, Elle, who has graduated with high honors, is the class-elected speaker at the ceremony, and has been invited into one of Boston's best law firms; Vivian is now Elle's best friend and has called off her engagement with Warner, who graduated without honors and no girlfriend and with no job offers; Paulette has married her delivery man and is expecting a baby girl to be named after Elle; and finally, Emmett has started his own practice, is now Elle boyfriend, and will propose to her that night.

A few deleted scenes on the DVD special contains a report that Chutney Hayworth committed suicide in prison on the morning of Elle's Graduation. In the same prison facility, Enrique is serving time for his false testimony in the Brook Taylor Windham trial along with his new cellmate Professor Callahan, who was sentenced to prison due to raping a female student/intern. In another clip, Vivian explains more of Warner's past and states that he was waitlisted as he was flunking three of his classes at UCLA, had low GPA, didn't pass a LSAT, and had bad recommendations from his professors. The administrators refused to admit him into Harvard. The only reason Warner got in was because his father had called in a favor. Seeing how much of a nothing he was without his father's influence, Elle realized that Emmett is the better man for her.