Paulette Bonafonté
Paulette Bonafonté 1








Manicurist and Hairstylist


Rufus (Dog)


Elle Woods

Love interest

Kyle O'Boyle (husband)

First Appearance

Legally Blonde

Last Appearance

Legally Blonde 2

Portrayed by

Jennifer Coolidge (Film) Natalie Casey (Musical)

Paulette Bonafonté (Paulette Parcelle in Legally Blonde 2) Elle's manicurist and confidante.

Personality Edit

Paulette is an interesting, fun person, that Elle meets at a nail salon near Harvard. Don't let her sometimes shy exterior fool you, she is hilarious and brave. She has a dog named Rufus and treats him almost as well as Elle treats Bruiser. Paulette generally wears tight and short clothes that are revealing. She also wears a lot of makeup. Like most of Elle's friends, she is always willing to help. She is very awkward around her crush (1st movie) the UPS Guy. She doesn't know what to say around him. She enjoys the Bend-And-Snap move that Elle taught her. She has one daughter (with the UPS Guy) named Elle. Not much about her life previous to the movie is known, except she had a boyfriend that made her move out after he found someone else. He kept her trailer and her "precious baby Rufus." During Legally Blonde, she works up the courage and takes Rufus away from her ex. She is an adult actress

In the musical, Paulette is very obsessed with Ireland. Coincidentally, the UPS Guy is Irish.

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