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Paulette Bonafonte is Elle's manicurist and confidante.


At first a bit shy, Paulette soon warms up to Elle and comes out of her shell, showing a funny and outgoing attitude. She has a dog named Rufus and treats him like family, similar to Elle and Bruiser. Paulette tends to wear well fitting and trendy clothes that are somewhat revealing. She also wears a lot of makeup. Like most of Elle's friends, she is always willing to lend a helping hand. During Legally Blonde, she was very awkward around her crush, a UPS worker called Kyle, becoming clumsy and lost for words around him. She enjoys the Bend and Snap move that Elle taught her. Paulette has a fear of cheerleaders, stating in the musical that "cheerleaders" scare her. She has a daughter, named Elle.

Not much about her life previous to the movie is known, except that she had a long-term boyfriend named Dewey, who kicked her out after 7 years for a another woman. He kept her trailer and her "precious baby Rufus", a dog. During Legally Blonde, she works up the courage to takes Rufus back from her ex.

In the musical, Paulette is very obsessed with Ireland and it seems to be a happy place she can imagine. She dreams about dancing there with "a red-headed sailor named Brendan." When she meets Kyle, she immediately likes him. However, she can't build up the courage to talk to him. This causes Elle to teach her and the rest of the salon the Bend and Snap.

Paulette than uses this when with Kyle, but since Kyle also bent down to get the item dropped, she breaks his nose. She then spends time with him in the hospital. Kyle is very grateful for this, and this starts off Kyle and Paulette's bond. Paulette later finds out the Kyle's middle name is Brendan, similar to her fantasy, which makes her very happy.

Overall, Paulette has a very spunky personality :).


• Her last name is Parcelle in Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde.