Warner Huntington III is the Minor Antagonist and the former love interest of Elle Woods and Vivian Kensington in Legally Blonde. He wasn't seen again after finishing Harvard Law School with no job offers.


At an unknown point in time, Warner began seeing ditzy yet kind sorority girl named Elle Woods. However, as time went on, Warner began to think that Elle wasn‘t serious or smart enough to meet his standards since he was a Harvard Law student, and broke up with her over dinner. Elle became to determined to win him back by getting accepted into Harvard Law, although it was revealed that he had a new fiancé Vivian Kingston. Afterwards, Elle begins to realize how egotistical and awful Warner really was after he once again insulted her, and decided to not win him back as intended, but rather show him that she was just as smart and capable as anyone else at Harvard. Vivian then reveals that Warner only got into Harvard because his powerful father pulled a few strings. In the end, when Warner told Elle that he wanted to rekindle their love, she was glad to hear it, but she turned him down after realizing that he is nothing but an obtuse jerkoff.

And, Vivian dumped him for being so rash.

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